EARLY SHIFT (Davisson-J 2012)

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EARLY SHIFT (Davisson-J 2012)

Enormous 9 1/2 to 10" cascading yellow blooms have a green infusion and a chartreuse throat. Sturdy, upright scapes are tall at 43" with 4 to 5 way branching, typically toward the top, occasionally with one lower lateral, but all flowers open uncrowded, 19 to 27 buds. Reblooms here and it's very fragrant. An early morning opener, it always has spectacular poly blooms toward the end of its bloom season as in the following photo, but not a high enough percentage to register it at polymerous. Starts blooming very early at the same time as STELLA DE ORO and blooms out slowly ending late mid-season. This is MISTER BUTTERS on steroids!!! From OSTERIZED X LIME PEEL, it's an evergreen that will most likely be hardy. Vigorous plants increase quickly and have gorgeous foliage. I have not been able to set a pod on it, but pollen is easy. Tetraploid


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